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    Inwestycje dofinansowane ze środków II Osi Priorytetowej MRPO

Małopolskie Centre of Entrepreneurship

Małopolskie Centre of Entrepreneurship is a self-government organizational unit of the Małopolskie Voivodship established with an aim to carry out tasks of the Małopolskie Voivodship Management Board acting as a Managing Institution for the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013.


As regards MROP the Centre implements the Second Priority Axle – the Economy of the Regional Chance and is responsible for providing detailed information regarding the possibility to support beneficiaries within this axle, selection and assessment of motions and the whole process of supervising the proper use and settlement of grant. The aim of MCE is to provide financing up till 2015 for the project which best influences the economic development of the Małopolska region.
Małopolskie Centre of Entrepreneurship as a systemic beneficiary within the ”Human Capital” Operational Programme for 2007-2013 (POKL) also executes the scholarship programmes for the lower-secondary and upper-secondary schools’ students whose achievements exceed average results as well as for the doctoral students. Detailed information regarding both scholarship programmes may be obtained at:

Who is eligible for the support within the scope of Regional Chance Economy?

  • Micro, small and medium- sized enterprises
  • Business environment institutions
  • Non-governmental institutions
  • Scientific units
  • Institutions of higher education

What for and in what amount may the financing be granted?
Within the scope of Second Priority Axle the beneficiaries may be eligible for the support of two types of operations:
Operation 2.1. Developing and enhancing competitiveness of enterprises.
Operation 2.2. Supporting commercialization of scientific research.

Operation 2.1. Developing and enhancing competitiveness of enterprises

Scheme A – Direct support of investments in micro, small land medium-sized enterprises.

Who is eligible for the support?

  • Micro-sized enterprises – up to 45%

- minimum amount of support is PLN 40 thousand
- maximum amount of support is - PLN 400 thousand

  • Small- sized enterprises – up to 45%

- minimum amount of support is PLN 100 thousand
- maximum amount of support is PLN 1 million

  • Medium-sized enterprises – up to 35%

- minimum amount of support is PLN 200 thousand.
- maximum amount of support is PLN 2 million

What activities are eligible for the financing?

  • Development or purchasing of enterprise,
  • Change of production or the production process,
  • Change of the existing production, technological, organizational solutions in line with the enhanced environmental solutions and occupational health and safety/BHP,
  • Modernization of the enterprise equipment
  • Change of product, and service, including the method of performance,
  • Modernization of the production resources.

Scheme B – Mutual activities and building cooperation between enterprises including clusters.

Financing of up to 50% of eligible costs, maximum support amount – PLN 1 million.

Who is eligible?

  • Instutions of higher education
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Business environment institutions
  • SMEs’ carrying out cooperative relations

Supported shall be activities linked with the development of the mutual cooperation and building cooperative relations between enterprises of the local and regional character.

Scheme C – Grant for institutions and business environment

Financing of up to 50% of the eligible costs, maximum amount of the support is PLN 1 million.
What activities are eligible for the financing?

  • Purchasing equipment and adjusting facilities to furnish better services for entrepreneurs,
  • Developing and implementing new service package for entrepreneurs,
  • Building and developing business environment institution networks,
  • Investment projects for enhancing innovative system in the region,
  • Creating linking elements between research and development institutions, schools and business,
  • Creating and developing regional centers focused on fostering cooperation between the existing and developed institutions acting for innovation in the region.

Scheme D – supporting returnable funds, designed for entrepreneurs

Financing up to 100% of the eligible costs i.e. from PLN 1 to 10 million for projects connected with creating or increasing capital of existing loan funds, guarantee funds and other type of alternative non-banking sources of financing enterprises’ activities.

Operation 2.2. – Supporting commercialization of scientific research

Scheme A - Research projects

Financing up to 80 % of eligible costs, maximum project value – PLN 1 million.

Who may be eligible for the support?

  • scientific institutions,
  • institutions of higher education,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • SME’s.

What activity may be eligible for financing?

  • Industrial research carried out by research and development units for the benefit of enterprises
  • Pre-competitive research carried out in enterprises in cooperation enterprise – research and development unit.

Scheme B
Enterprises’ investment projects regarding Research + Development

Financing for SMEs’ willing to invest in infrastructure and laboratory equipment for carrying out research and development projects in enterprises.
Amount of financing:

  • Up to 70 % for micro-sized and small-sized enterprises
  • Up to 60% for medium enterprises

Maximum project value up to PLN 1 million

Małopolskie Centre of Entrepreneurship
ul. Jasnogórska 11 (II floor)
31-358 Kraków

Director: Rafał Solecki
Deputy Director: Sylwia Bednarczyk - Mikuli
Deputy Director: Edyta Łydka

Information and Promotion Team
Telephone: +48 12 376 91 91


2007-2013 Małopolska Regional Operational Programme